#1: A Podcast

photo: old analogue / Eliot Butler

Even in the title there’s a central dilemma: “Podcast” is a branding term, derived specifically to complement Apple’s iPod, and somehow came to represent a whole world of internet audio. Not an easy topic to cover — certainly not in under an hour — especially when I myself am learning on the job.

Good thing there are experts. I spent the past few weeks reaching as far and wide as possible to dig up some of the most experienced and rare podcasters out, picking their brains about hosting, blogging, chatting, editing, thinking, not thinking, and everything else that goes into what we consider “podcasting.”

The full bill: Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton of NPR’s All Songs ConsideredLinda Holmes, NPR’s blogger extraordinaire and host of Pop Culture Happy HourJonathan Mitchell of The Truth; and Yoni Wolf of the band WHY?, who has been on the lam doing his show The Wandering Wolf every week for almost a year now. There’s also a segment with Rusty Foster of Today in Tabs fame — think of him as your techie spirit guide, putting it all in perspective and calling bullshit. Music by Jel, Trails & Ways, Party Supplies, and a couple other deep cuts which I’ll be impressed if you figure out.

So bear with me as I encounter technical errors, accept that we’re calling it a podcast, and listen as I try to find my own, elusive voice on Episode 1, How To Start: A Podcast.

You can subscribe on iTunes by clicking Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast… and entering this link. Follow on Soundcloud. Get in touch on Twitter. Thanks for joining us.

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